Little Nation Bike Journey

Learning to ride a balance bike is a journey and the rewards are real life skills. Obviously riding comes with exercise and fun (more on this later) but also education of the youngest kids. They introduce basic road rules, using caution and situational awareness. They enhanced fine motor skills, create greater independence, confidence and balance, but most important of all, balance bikes are the best fun. Once a child masters a balance bike, no longer is the 3 wheeled scooter the outdoor toy of choice.

Teaching Your Child To Ride A Balance Bike

Dont be disheartened if your child doesnt show any interest towards the bike initially. Firstly encourage your child to walk beside the bike and become familiar handling the bike. Children will instinctivly throw a leg over the bike when they are ready. Their security is their feet at this point and we need them to feel secure. As they feel more comfortable walking around with the bike between their legs, they will start to trust the bike and start using the saddle. At this point we can start helping them to balance on two wheels. Walk behind the bike supporting them by holding their shoulders. DO NOT support the bike. This will give a false sense of balance much the same as training wheels do. To learn, kids need feedback as to when they are balanced and when they are off balance.