Dear Little Nation,

My son is almost 5 and we have bought him sooooo many presents over his time. I can confidently say that this is the best toy i have ever bought, not that it is a toy. This thing is a serious piece of engineering. We use it twice a day, to and from school. It glides so smooth and silently over the pavement. It used to be a battle to get him out of the house and walk to school. Now he wants to go to school because of how much he enjoys the ride. Its so light that my son can walk it up the stairs and lug it around. Although he hasn’t grown much since we got it, i can see the adjustable handlebars being a big positive feature. In comparison to his friends scooters which cost twice as much, this is even better quality. The weight limit is twice as much compared to the micro mini scooter which means ive even caught my wife riding it. We have since purchased another Little Nation scooter just to have a Nanas house. The cost of 2 was cheaper then buying 1 micro scooter.

Im not the type of person that normally writes reviews but for some reason i love this scooter.


David from Sydney